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Design: Trekking poles Recommended use: Hiking; Trekking; Speed hiking; Trail running Material: Carbon 100% (shaft diameter: 16/14 mm) Adjustment range: 105 - 135 cm Leash: Trigger Shark 2.0 Basket: Nordic walking basket Tip: Hard metal flex tip Weight: 382 g (pair) Extras: Cork 2-component handles; folding

Your heart starts pumping harder and the track ahead is getting steeper - that's when your TS2 trekking poles by Leki can help you the most! The shaft is made entirely of carbon, which not only makes it incredibly lightweight, but also very sturdy! The poles are foldable and can be easily kept in your backpack when not in use!
The handles are fitted with Trigger Shark 2.0 hand straps so you can effectively convert your strength into solid propulsion. These ensure a solid connection between hand and handle, which provides the perfect power conversion in any given situation! The hard metal flex tips provide security on every terrain, from rocks to the forest floor, you will always be safe on the go. If you like to go faster, then the Trailstick TS2 trekking poles are the right choice for you!

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