There's a lot to love about Haglöfs. Seriously technical sportswear from Sweden, this kit will keep you comfortable and confident in a wide range of conditions. We are particularly impressed by their commitment to sustainability, for which they have won awards; many of their products meet the strict requirements of the BlueSign initiative and they stand apart from many other brands in the level of information they share in this area.

Some words from Haglöfs themselves:

To be part of the world we believe that we must Take Care of it. Like a step in new-fallen snow, everything we do leaves a mark on the world. Our choice, and our responsibility, is to step lightly.

Take Care is our watchword and our symbol. It’s now at the heart of all we do, integral to our entire process. From increasing the percentage of recycled materials to developing a brand-new fluorocarbon-free Durable Water Resistance treatment, we are continually improving our entire product line, not just a select few products.