Injinji make toe socks. Really comfortable and hard-wearing toe socks. We've found them to be indispensable kit when it comes to running long distances - paired with the right shoe, our feet emerge in perfect condition when others have faired less well! Love your feet; love Injinji!

For over ten years, Injinji has evolved from a startup sock company to a community of athletes from all sports and skill levels who believe in taking action and pushing personal physical boundaries. We run, train, compete, and live in a variety of footwear. This passion and feeling of community emanates in everything we do. We truly believe our customers continue to be involved with our brand through these collective experiences and our ability to produce the best quality performance toe socks to the market. Additionally, our mission is the continued pursuit of personal growth and betterment. We strive to be better as a company, improving how we conduct business, treat others, and give back to our communities.

“Forever committed to innovation that allows your feet to live and perform at their peak. We are a better way.”