Inov-8 are a UK company who make world-leading off-road running shoes. UK-based design means they make shoes that can cope with the huge variety of terrain we experience here in the UK. These guys go to extreme lengths to ensure there is an Inov-8 shoe with your name on, offering two width fittings (standard and precision), and varying levels of grip, cushioning, flexibility, ankle support and heel-to-toe drop across their range. Not to mention a significantly redesigned range in 2015 - and an excellent range of technical clothing and packs, also available from DEKA.

These words from Inov-8 will give you a good idea of where they're coming from:

Inov-8 believe in natural running. Natural running involves taking running back to its most innate form, letting nothing alter the natural biomechanics of the foot and body. Natural running relies on the strength of the runner’s feet and legs rather than the cushioning or support of a shoe. The foot controls the shoe, not the other way around.

All inov-8 products are designed to be lightweight, minimal and functional. They give runners the confidence and freedom to run hard through any environment and over any obstacle. The aim of our footwear is to keep the foot close to the ground so that runners can feel and adapt to the terrain beneath them. The company offers a range of soles and cushioning. Each shoe provides the optimum grip and comfort for the terrain — from road to rocks, mud to sand, the mountains to the box.