Gait Analysis at DEKA

We offer video gait analysis at DEKA. This can be done on the treadmill or in dry weather outside the store. We use a professional gait analysis tool on an iPad to video you running. We can then replay that in slow motion to check your running style.

We film you running from three different angles, front, rear and side which sets us apart from many stores and gives us a fuller picture of what shoes might best suit your running style.

We can then compare videos of you running in various shoes, side-by-side and with you work out which shoes suit you best.

We also offer a professional measuring service using a Brannock device to measure length, arch length and width of your feet both weight bearing and non weight bearing to properly asses what size shoes to suggest. Of course this is just a starting point and, combined with our knowledge and expertise and your assessment of how a shoes feels plus what you are looking for we can work together to fit you our with the best shoes for your running.

At this point we should also mention that we talk about socks! Socks can make all the difference to your running and yet we still find many runners are wearing cotton trainer liners. We recommend good quality synthetic socks (or merino wool) which wick the sweat quickly away from your foot and dry quickly. A good quality sock can help prevent blisters and hot spots from friction.

We have a selection of try on socks in various sizes and thicknesses, however, if you are planning on coming to see us and have a particular preference we encourage you to bring your socks with you to get the best fit in your new shoes. (Our favourite socks are Stance Run socks or Injinji for long distances)

We also stock Superfeet performance insoles which not only make your shoes super comfy but offer a very cost effective well performing option when compared to custom orthotics. They can help to solve many common runners issues and we are happy to discuss this further in store.

If you already have running shoes that you are replacing we ask that you bring them with you so we can watch you run in them and also take a look at the wear pattern, plus it is really helpful to see your shoes and know what you wear plus what you like and dislike about them.

If you can also wear running kit (feel free to get changed in store) or something comfortable that you can run freely in, with your knees to ankles visible (shorts or tight leggings ideally) that makes our job easier!

Our shoe fitting service, including sizing, gait anlaysis, sock selection, shoe recommendation. insole selection and fit and shoe fit takes between 30 minutes and an hour depending on how long it takes us to find shoes that work for you. We offer free tea or coffee during your session and if you call us (01373 464889) and book your session we guarantee you will have a dedicated member of our team 1-to-1 for your appointment.

We charge a small fee of £20 for this service, however, this fee is waived if you purchase shoes on the day. If you decide not to buy on the day we will issue you a voucher valid for 28 days for a £20 credit on any shoe purchase in that time.

We are total shoe nerds and love to talk shoes with our customers. We try all the shoes we sell to help us make sound recommendations based on experience, and obviously we all have our likes and dislikes! In the end the choice comes down to you, we think we have shoes to meet the needs of every runner, from the new Couch to 5k runner to the multi-day ultra distance runner, from the casual road runner to the hardcore mountain goat! and we'd love the opportunity to help you find your next favourite shoes.

We also think looks are important and we want you to love your new shoes, so it's ok to say you don't like the colour! Hopefully we'll have something you will love, that will sing to you and make you excited to lace up your shoes and go for a run.