Our story

Something was missing...​

There are shops out there that are more than just a shop. They're sub-culture gravity wells. The place your group meets up, the place you hang out on a rainy Sunday, your grapevine for the news that actually matters to you because of that particular thing you're into that others are not. Places you can guarantee to see a friend any time you go in, or join a conversation to share your experience. You come away smiling.

We're runners; that had become our thing. Pre-kids it had been BMX, mountain bikes, snowboards, windsurfing.. with kids it had to be something that fit into a lunch hour. Running was it, but more specifically, in Frome we met a new community. We ran off-road when possible, with friends, there was a pub at the end, nobody cared much about minutes per mile. There was mud. It was fun, relaxed and social.

We'd seen these more-than-a-shops, in the guise of surf shops, knitting and sewing shops, even a stationers. We'd heard of running shops that might qualify, but they seemed to mostly be in the Pacific North-West. We wanted one for us and our friends and there wasn't one, so we created it.

More than a shop...

...but still a shop. We like gear, simple as. We're a little fed up with only finding the products we want online. We want to see them for real, touch them, try them on, compare alternatives, test the fit, pick the optimum size. Sure we run on the road sometimes and neon is fine, but we also run in the mud, the forest, on coast paths, up mountains - we wanted clothing, shoes and equipment that was up to the challenge and made to last. When we make a choice, we want to compare notes with people who have real experience doing the things we want to do, with the gear we're considering. We also want to have confidence that the products we're looking at made their way to us without causing harm.


The trail and ultra-running community is nothing if not quirky. Mainstream is out. We look for innovation, something different, always high quality, ethical manufacturing, comfort, style.

No Ego

Have you ever walked into a shop and felt like you're being appraised? Are you worthy of attention? Seems to be a pattern for some sports shops.

We love running and get a lot out of it, but we're not elites. We just want to share what we love - to help everyone get as much joy from it as we do, whatever your ability or experience. Everyone should be able to enjoy the outdoors, the freedom and mental release, the endorphin high. We believe in building long-term relationships with our customers and supporting our running community by bringing people together and providing ways to share knowledge and expertise, stories and enthusiasm and make connections. We support local clubs including Frome Running Club and local club members receive a discount on all purchases.

Bikes? Coffee?

We love cycling too.. and we're irreversibly addicted to good coffee. Cycling was ingrained in Laura's consciousness as a child by her semi-pro road racer father. DEKA started as a running, cycling, coffee shop. With the move to Frome has come a focus on running; we may be able to bring the other elements back one day, but for the time being it's running all the way.


Why "DEKA"? Laura's mum was born in a mountain village in Eastern Macedonia, near the Bulgarian border. The first time Laura took Alex to meet the family out there, while walking around the village they were hailed with calls of "Deka?". It's a slang word that means something like "Where are you going?". To us, DEKA is the question we ask our friends: What's next for you? Any adventures planned?​​​​​​​​​​