Our team

Laura (co-owner and "the boss")

​"I never considered myself a runner; it was something I first did in my 20s to get fit for snowboarding. After our first child in my 30s I found myself with limited time and money, wanting to have some fitness and lose some weight -(which is many people's journey into running). I didn't like going to the gym, being trapped inside. A friend training for NYC marathon leant me a book about Dean Karnazes and inspired me to sign up for the Bristol 10k.


"You don't need much at all to run. A pair of shoes is enough. Everyone's got a pair of trainers in the cupboard. I signed up for 10k, gave it a go. Then bought my first pair of proper running shoes and so it began.


"My longest run so far was 100km at the Race to the Stones, also my most memorable run - I really enjoyed getting out in the countryside. It's therapy. I met some amazing fun people, we already had something in common. My dream (for when the kids have grown up) is to go with my husband Alex and run through California. My bucket list includes UTMR and the Eiger Ultra Trail, plus Tarawera ultra in New Zealand because they have pizza at the aid stations. I was drawn to ultra running because it's a moving picnic.


"I always had an interest in nutrition and recently qualified as a Torq accredited sports nutrition practitioner. As an active member of Frome Running Club I'm hoping to train as an England Athletics run leader."

Neil (store manager and running buddy)

We've known Neil since we joined local off-road runs around Frome. A few years back he ran 10k a day for a year with another local runner, Jim, plus Jim's dog; a year was enough of that for Neil though. More recently he's been known to come close to winning some local ultra races but been pipped at the post as a result of falling over and/or running the wrong way. Neil's ideal race is long and hilly over beautiful terrain, where the route is set by someone with a wicked sense of humour - a great example is the Preselii Ultra Beast, whose director Caz the hat likes to send his runners through the worst possible routes over some fairly evil terrain.​​​​​​

Alex (co-owner but has a day job)

"I started running regularly because Laura signed us up for the Bristol 10k in 2010. The 7 weeks we had to train flew by but by the time the event was done, I'd established a habit and I kept it up. About a year later we'd moved to Frome and I joined the local running club, but it was only a few months later that a local off-road group tempted me to join them and their muddy ways.


"Regular off-road runs and post-run beers strengthened my calves and gave me a foolish over-confidence, which combined with the goading of an ambitious friend at work led me into signing up for my first mountain ultra with Might Contain Nuts in 2015 - 40 miles in the Black Mountains in Wales. An unforgettable (and very long) experience, but something I'm now hooked on, even though I can't seem to find the time to train properly. I'm doomed!"

Dash (top dawg)


Gruff (deputy dawg)

​Pronounced "Griff". Often found in KFC or the underwear department of M&S.​